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Career Coaching
Let's write your career story.

Everyone has a career story. Just like a good book, your story is interlaced with obstacles and victories, characters that come and go, and a driving theme. While in the midst of your day-to-day grind, it is easy to overlook the strengths you bring to the table, times where you are your "best" (gain energy) and the path to connect your purpose with how you spend your 9 to 5. It is easy to forget that you are the writer. You have control over how the story is unfolding. 

This is where I come in...think of me as your career editor. We will partner to pull your most meaningful career moments into the light so you can move on to the fun part - planning your future.

"But how can coaching help me?"
o glad you asked...

Identify your

Career Target

Who runs the world? Career targets!

Explore where values, interests & skills collide.

Writing Support

Prepare marketing materials to tell your story. Resume, LinkedIn & Cover Letter services,  

Refine Job Search Plan

Prepare your job search plan - interviewing & networking & negotiations, oh my!

Stay at Home Mom

After spending the last 7 years home raising my kids, I am ready to return to the office. I haven't interviewed in a while and need a job search tune-up before I jump into my job search. Help!

Ready to Return Rockstar

Daydreaming about a better future

"NO ONE will care about your career goals as much as you. So why are you waiting for someone else to fix it?"

Does this sound familiar?

  • I don’t feel fulfilled.

  • I worked so hard to get here and now wonder if this is what I want.

  • Something is missing.

  • I will feel better about my job when things go back to “normal.”

  • I will pursue my passions outside of work.

  • I don’t want to “start over” in a new job or industry.

No one cares about your career more than you! So why are you waiting for someone else to fix it?   

The Career Edit Path

Marketing &

Coaching partnership

Coaching partnership

Schedule a free
- 25 minute 1:on:1 call
- Customized coaching plan with recommendations

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