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Corporate Solutions

There are a number of ways to partner with The Career Edit. 

Corporate solutions are customized, on time, and on budget. Score!

Career Branding Series

A customizable 2-part workshop to support professional development and empower employees applying for internal roles. Level the playing field by educating on resume best practices and enhancing interview skills.


Resume Writing

Your resume is a fundamental communication tool for an internal job search. This hands-on session provides all employees equitable access to training on resume tips and techniques needed to promote your personal career brand.


Interviewing Primer

Internal job searches often include strenous interview proceses. This A-Z primer prepares ALL of your staff to represent themselves, reducing the chance for interview bias.


Performance Enablement 

Stop talking about “managing” employees' performance and start talking about teaching employees to own their development!


This course provides the tools and tips needed to give employees the keys to their career paths. Instead of learning about filling out an online review tool, educate your teams on feedback techniques and self-awareness.

The Mentoring Accelerator

70% of employees are experiencing burnout and new hires are joining without a face-to-face interaction. A connection intervention is needed at work!

Introducing the educational program that redefines mentoring and provides actionable techniques to empower mentees to a) build a web of connections and b) further their professional development.

Training Programs

A Story-Influenced Approach

People are 22x more likely to remember new data if it is wrapped in a story. Stories are the glue that holds our ideas together. Stories connect us with each other in a way that facts alone cannot.

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