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Client Feedback

Leah helped me through a challenging time at work. She helped me explore my key professional strengths and translate that value to my LinkedIn profile. Getting ready to go on the job market again after being at the same company for over 10 years is scary - but I now feel like I can put my best foot forward.

Rose, Vice President Education Management

When pursuing a new path in my pharmacy career, I met Leah for consultation. She has been a trusted advisor for more than a decade. She coached me through the internal thought processes that needed to take place to better define what job/position/title/responsibilities/benefits I WANTED. My calendar soon filled with interviews.

Enter Leah again. We discussed the prep work needed in advance of interviews, strategy during, and the follow up after. When I started salary and benefits negotiations, I again consulted Leah. She advised on the art and science behind this critical point. I was able to confidently navigate negotiating salary, benefits and work environment I deserved and ultimately accepted the position.

4 years later I am with the same company, have been promoted and am grateful everyday for my job. 

Anna, Director Clinical Affairs

I have turned to Leah for leadership coaching several times and I truly appreciate her consultative approach. She has proven to have invaluable expertise in many areas, including career development and negotiation strategy. Her ability to be a partner and help me feel confident in my decisions is why I highly recommend her services! 

Kristin, Senior Product Manager

New Client Discount

Each package is $100 and includes a 1 hour live coaching session with exercises/tools to support your plan moving forward. 

Job Search Strategy 

The job market changes year-over-year; the technique you used to find your last job is  likely outdated. This is ideal for folks ready to jump for a new career but not sure how to prioritize time or where to start. 

Career Story

You have a (good) job but have been dreaming of "greener pastures." You want to be excited to get out of bed and start your day...but feel stuck. This is ideal for those who want to explore alternative plots for their career story with a partner.

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