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Uncover your story. 

Unlock your potential.

Everyone has a career story.

Just like a good book, your story is interlaced with obstacles and victories, characters that come and go, and a driving theme. While in the midst of your day-to-day grind, it is easy to overlook the strengths you bring to the table, times when you are your "best" (gain energy), and the path to connect your purpose with how you spend your 9 to 5.


It is easy to forget that you are the writer. You have control over how the story is unfolding.

This is where I come in...

think of me as your career editor.

Why A Story-Influenced Approach Matters

People are 22x more likely to remember new data if it is wrapped in a story.  Stories are the glue that holds our ideas together. Stories connect us with each other in a way that facts alone cannot.​


It's time you wrote your story the way it's meant to be written!

Career Editing In Action

The Career Editor helps you pull your most meaningful career moments into the light and guides you as you organize them into a story that sings.


Then you can move on to the fun part — planning your future!

Image by Ali Kazal

What people are saying...

“Leah allowed me to focus my thinking on what matters to me and my career. Leah gave me the words to describe myself and my experience in ways I could not come up with on my own.”

Let's get started...who needs a career edit?

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