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All about me

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Hi, I'm Leah


Coach, Trainer, and Writer with 15+ years of industry experience

I have a confession…I am a life-long career junkie. I collect job data like some people collect coins and pride myself on remembering the professions of most everyone I meet.


As a child, I turned games with neighborhood kids into miniature businesses. Lemonade stands were backed with org charts and detailed plans on how to reinvest our earnings.  


My hobby was easier to maintain as an adult. I took jobs with a career curiosity prerequisite – Recruiter, HR, Learning & Development, and Coach. My friends and family got used to the fact that I would rather talk "shop" than anything else.


The Career Edit is the culmination of my passion and experience. My work focuses on career strategy, 360 development coaching,  and job search education.  I help individuals and teams explore complicated topics and leave the experience with clarity. I am a partner with those ready to write their stories and with teams wanting to co- author new chapters. 



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