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Corporate Solutions

There are a number of ways to partner with The Career Edit. 

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Corporate solutions are customized, on time, and on budget. Score!

Career Edit, LLC Programs

The Career Edit offerings can be customized to fit your audience’s needs and desired program length.

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Change Management

Building Resilience & Fostering Strategic Communications During Change

Length: 60 - 90 minutes

This program aims to equip participants with essential skills and strategies to navigate change effectively by focusing on building personal resilience and fostering effective communication practices.

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Strategic Influence and Effective Negotiation

Length: 60 - 90 minutes

This training aims to provide an overview of essential skills such as influencing, managing up, and negotiating, focusing on practical strategies that employees can quickly grasp and apply within their roles across the company.

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Group Coaching

Length: 75 minutes

Empower employees to take ownership of their development, foster personal accountability, and support peers through a structured group coaching format. The program aims to reinforce training topics by facilitating peer coaching, goal setting, and the adoption of a "coach approach" mindset.

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Performance Enablement

Stop talking about “managing” employees' performance and start talking about teaching employees to own their development!

This course provides the tools and tips needed to give employees the keys to their career paths. Instead of learning about filling out an online review tool, educate your teams on feedback techniques and self-awareness.

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The Mentoring Accelerator

70% of employees are experiencing burnout, and new hires are joining without a face-to-face interaction. A connection intervention is needed at work!

Introducing the educational program that redefines mentoring and provides actionable techniques to empower mentees to a) build a web of connections and b) further their professional development.


The Career Branding Series

The Career Branding Series supports the development of employee career branding and empowers employees applying for internal roles. Career branding (verb): authentically communicating and presenting your professional value. Also known as “your personal career story. 


Program offerings can be found below.

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Career Branding: Developing Your Personal Brand

Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Your Career Brand is built over time through a series of micro-interactions with colleagues. This session will dive into the foundations of building a professional and well-networked presence.

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Career Branding: Resume Workshop

Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Your resume is the fundamental communication tool for your internal job search. This hands-on session will provide the resume tips and techniques needed to refine your resume and promote your personal career brand. Let’s empower employees to put their best foot forward in searching for internal opportunities!

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Career Branding: Interview Primer

Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Your number one goal in an interview is to explain why you are an excellent fit for the role. Don’t leave preparation for this important meeting to chance! This session will give you concrete tips on preparing to wow interviewers. 

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