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Are you Ready to be Coached? A Career Coaching Primer

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Many of my new clients have never worked with a Career Coach and come to the table with questions. These questions range from establishing the odds of actually meeting their big, hairy goals to identifying the financial and time investments required in the process." While I obviously believe there is much to gain from a coaching partnership, I think more transparency is in order! I am sharing The Career Edit LLC's coaching expectations openly so my clients and readers can get answers in advance.

Coaching is a two way partnership. We both play an active role and you will get as much out of it as you put into it! All sessions are confidential.

  1. Your role (the writer): You are the wise "life expert." You know yourself better than anyone. You commit to being open to experimentation, focused in our sessions and completing "me-work" in a timely manner.

  2. My role (the editor): I help you maintain focus on your goals, establish strategies to overcome obstacles and relay patterns/threads. My role is not to pass judgement on your actions or thoughts, but to help you more effectively look at your motivators, values and goals.

Common questions

What is career strategy coaching? This type of coaching is ideal for clients who are either looking for a new job or who are looking to rebrand in their current role. Examples of potential outcomes include building a customized brand and communication plan, refining career goals, and/or identifying a personal search strategy that leads to a successful job search.

But what if I don't know where to start? Most people do not come to their first coaching session with clear identification of what would make the biggest impact in their professional lives. Sometimes we discover minutes into a session the goal they thought, is not the goal they want! Partnering with a coach offers a chance to evaluate your priorities with insight.

What if my goals change over time? This is ok - it means you are evolving and getting more in tune with what is important in your life/career. You get to decide where you want to focus your time and efforts!

What are some roadblocks that could stall coaching success? Sometimes an individual is not ready to adopt a positive outlook on their future or take full accountability for the direction of their life. This can cause difficulty in progressing the coaching relationship and may be better managed by a licensed therapist. (Side note - these clients often return after they are willing and able to focus on these priorities.)

What if I experience a plateau during the coaching relationship? Your growth cycles between coaching sessions will have peaks and valleys. Don't stress if every session isn't "rocket science." You need time to process information and this down-cycle is often the start of an amazing discovery.

How do I know if I am ready to be coached? These articles provide some great considerations to determine if you are ready to participate in a coaching relationship.

I look forward to partnering with you!

Leah Stallone, The Career Edit LLC

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